The criminal defense law consists of the lawful security provided to the people or group of persons who have been accused of executing a crime. So, in the area of criminal justice, there are different conditions that can void genuine elements of a crime, which is usually known as defenses. Without satisfactory insurance for the accused person, the balance of authority within the justice system would become more distorted in favor of the government. For criminal suspects to get a much fairer treatment, they will usually depend on the skills and expertise of their Denver Criminal Attorney, as they would do the substantive security contained in the law.


A criminal defense attorney, which can also be known as a defense lawyer, is a Traffic Lawyer Denver that can be appointed privately who specialized in the defense of people or group of persons that is mainly suspected of doing criminal activities. These type of attorneys for defense, should have the knowledge and skills to make use of secure assurances to the convenience of their defendant.


Different types of Defenses


Self-defense is usually a feasible action executed to defend own self or others from harm. The action executed in self-defense is generally not a crime at all, and no punishment will be charged to the defendant. To be really qualified in the self-defense act, the defendant should have used reciprocal force to the risk, like using a sharp knife against a non-lethal element of danger is a common instance of unreasonable force, however it still usually depends on the circumstances of the situation.


Intoxication in some jurisdiction, can void basic intent, which is usually applicable to most crimes, for instance the lack of clear basic intent might reduce some cases like murder case to a manslaughter case. The intoxication defense furthermore is really hard to prove beyond justifiable doubt, since the intoxicated suspect may still have the power to control some of his actions but will usually lack the complete depth of understanding what he has done, which will in fact make proving of your basic intent hard. While it might be tempting for the suspects to use intoxication as a means for defense, a lot of jurisdictions will usually see it as a bad attempt to deny all his criminal acts.



Mental illness, insanity or madness defense can void the specific intent of any crime, but it is only applicable to those criminal acts that have a specific intent element. This usually involves a person who clearly behaves insane and lacks the understanding of what is right and what is wrong. While this type of defense would usually end up as a not guilty case for the defendant, the defendant will still be required to go for a medical treatment in a mental hospital. If you want to read more about criminal defense law, you can go to